Reporting medicine related problems

Adverse Events: Suspected adverse events to medicines, should be reported using the Adverse Medicine Reaction (Safety Yellow Form) must be completed and sent to the TIPC by fax or email. Adverse events can also be reported telephonically. Alternatively, the eReporting tool found at can be used.

Medication Errors: Actual or "near errors" can occur when prescribing, repacking, dispensing or administering a medicine. They should be reported using the Medication Error Form. TIPC guarantees confidentiality of information received and respects reporters' wishes as to the level of detail included in the report.

Product Quality: Problems of quality defect that occur during manufacturing, shipping or storage of prescription or over-the-counter products shall be reported to the marketing authorization holder or to the inspectorate of the NMRC on the Pharmaceutical Product Quality Form.

What to report:

  • All suspected reactions to new medicines                                                                                    
  • Unknown or unexpected medicines
  • Serious adverse medicine reactions
  • Unexpected therapeutic effects
  • All suspected medicine interactions                                               
  • Product quality issues
  • Treatment failure
  • Medication error

Who should report

  • Healthcare workers
  • Health facility therapeutics committees
  • Holder of Certificate of Registration                       
  • Public health programmes
  • Patients and care givers



Medicines Information


The TIPC actively responds to all medicines information enquiries received via telephone, fax and e-mail. The Therapeutics Information Request Form can be used to submit queries. Proactive provision of medicines information is done via the quarterly Medicines Watch bulletin, Dear Healthcare Provider letters, website and IEC materials. Our services for the general public emphasize on patient treatment literacy for medicines widely used in public health programs with IEC materials. .